R programming

15Sep 2017

According to Stack Overflow, Python could also be the fastest-growing major programming language. Visits to Python-tagged questions edged past Java and JavaScript, which historically have had the highest share of visits from users. Other languages that Stack Overflow considers major include C#, PHP, and C++, but not Apple’s Swift, Google’s Go, and Microsoft’s TypeScript. This […]

24Jul 2017

  A workshop on Recurrent Neural Network – a type of artificial neural network, was jointly conducted by Predictive Analytics Solutions and REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE), Reva University on July 15, 2017. Recurrent Neural Network are a type of artificial neural network designed to recognize patterns in sequences of data, such as text, genomes, […]

11May 2017

R language used for data science, big data analysis, predictive modeling and visualization, has released R 3.4.0, codenamed “You Stupid Darkness”.There are the following major performance improvements in R 3.4.0: JIT (“just-in-time”) byte-code compiler enabled by default  This means that functions will be compiled on first or second use and top-level loops will be compiled and […]