Patented Technology

Incorporating US patented technology (9,329,751 B2), Analuo is a unique solution for empowering end-users generates user interface forms from predictive models built in R and SPSS, where operational users can key in data values to derive predictions. 

Embodiments relate to a method to dynamically generate a user interface for computing a prediction on analytical models. The analytical models received from a computing device are parsed by a processor of a server to extract a plurality of analytical metadata and the extracted plurality of analytical metadata is stored in a set of metadata tables. For more information, please visit:


  • Publish SPSS, Excel and R reports online

  • Organize people and content into projects

  • Predict online using SPSS and R models

  • Monitor analytics tasks and deliverables


About Analuo

Analuo assists Knowledge Managers overcome the challenge of information islands – analysts working on isolated PCs . This ensures:

  • Information is not lost as people move around
  • Information is secure and available only to the relevant people
  • Information can be easily retrieved.

With Analuo, end-users now have an platform to make best use of the reports and models that the analysts deliver. Analuo gives end-users the ability to :

  • Access predictive models through an unique dynamically generated User Interface
  • Access to reports online as soon as they are published by the analysts
  • Access associated relevant information put together by the analysts.

Analuo provides a platform for Analysts not only to share and deploy their work ensuring that users can derive value from their efforts .It provides,

  • The ability to deploy predictive models for users can to run predictions
  • The ability to publish SPSS reports online directly from the desktop
  • An environment to work together with other analysts online.



 To have a walkthrough of our whole application, we request you to kindly use the following available sections which might be of much help in understanding how Analuo can help make things better and easier.