05Oct 2016

An analytics project will have defined deliverables as well as tasks assigned to individual team members. Analuo’s flexible task and deliverable management system not only allows tasks to be planned and tracked with a Gantt chart , but also the status of deliverables to be monitored. While Gantt bars make it easy to understand task […]

09Jan 2017

The last few months saw a number of training programs and other events related to Predictive Analytics being organised all over the country. Let’s Learn Analytics had the opportunity to train the participants at some these programs, including at the Certificate Training Program on R @ Symbiosis Institute of Operations Man agement, Nasik, Sept 8-9, 2016. […]

14Feb 2017

Yahoo, has decided to open source the TensorFlowOnSpark software to promote big data deep learning. TensorFlowOnSpark is Yahoo’s take on Google’s TensorFlow open-source framework. It makes Yahoo’s data sets compatible with the library. TensorFlow is  basically an open source software library that allows for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Similarly Microsoft has decided to open […]

21Feb 2017

The R language specializes in handling data, Statistics and Machine learning and has enjoyed a great reputation among statisticians. What makes R special is – it’s ability to handle data easily and to connect to databases with little trouble at all. This lets anyone with a basic understanding of programming begin statistical programming quite easily. […]

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