Yahoo, has decided to open source the TensorFlowOnSpark software to promote big data deep learning. TensorFlowOnSpark is Yahoo’s take on Google’s TensorFlow open-source framework. It makes Yahoo’s data sets compatible with the library. TensorFlow is  basically an open source software library that allows for numerical computation using data flow graphs.

Similarly Microsoft has decided to open source its Graph Engine. Graph Engine (GE) is a distributed in-memory data processing engine, underpinned by a strongly-typed RAM store and a general distributed computation engine. LIKQ is a graph query language on top of the graph engine, which is designed to combine graph exploration and lambda expression. Graph databases have recently been proving themselves to be popular options for developers in the big data world.

With two major companies deciding to make their offering open source, we expect to see a number of solution developers delivering their own ideas on top of these technologies. In case you are interested,  Both the Yahoo and the Microsoft releases now appear on GitHub.

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