24Oct 2017

Python is a general programming language. It can be used to develop and code a lot of things, from games to web applications and desktop software. R is a programming language you will only find in a data science environment. If you are simply working with data science, then you should use R. If, however, […]

17Mar 2017

Facebook has open-sourced its Prophet forecasting tool. It is designed to easily make high quality forecasting available to both experts and non-experts. Prophet is aimed specifically at businesses that have at least several months of data, preferably a year or more and issues such as seasonality i.e holidays that can affect trends as well as events […]

07Mar 2017

Machine Learning and Deep Learning has become one of the hottest skills in the technology world and companies are searching for programmers capable of coding for Machine Learning and deep learning.  Here are the best machine learning libraries in Java: No 5. ELKI (Environment for Developing KDD-Applications Supported by Index-Structures) is a knowledge discovery in […]

21Feb 2017

The R language specializes in handling data, Statistics and Machine learning and has enjoyed a great reputation among statisticians. What makes R special is – it’s ability to handle data easily and to connect to databases with little trouble at all. This lets anyone with a basic understanding of programming begin statistical programming quite easily. […]